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  • Weekly Educational Stock Trade Alerts
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  • Real-time alerts to your phone
  • All trades screened for Shariah Compliance
  • Training on investments
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We are the ONLY platform that provides:

Real-time Live Trade Alerts

  • Real-time alerts to your phone
  • Sharia Compliant and Ethically Sound
  • Low Risk, High Probability Swing Trade Setups
  • Focused on Large Cap and Blue Chip Stocks.
  • Always liquid, easy to scale in and out.

Industry Backed Screening

  • Our Trades are screened by industry professionals.
  • The highest Ethical & Technical Standards to our screens.
  • Filtered for companies in ethical industry activities.
  • Low debt ratios, little to no interest, & high capitalization.
  • Focus is on weekly and monthly trades for increased value.
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